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Thread: Short quotes, tini winy stories, etc...

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    Short quotes, tini winy stories, etc...

    Don't be afraid to take chances
    even if it might hurt you..
    Just be strong and take it
    because you might let slip
    that single chance that could change
    your life and make you really happy...

    They were saying...
    "ERASERS are for people who make errors.."
    but I said...
    "ERASERS are for people who are
    willing to correct their mistakes.."

    You don't have to be perfect
    to let somebody love you
    The way you wanted to be loved..
    Always remember that being simple
    is the most perfect way to make someone
    Fall in love with you.

    Love is like a butterfly, the more you chase it
    the more it eludes you..but if you just let it fly,
    It will come to you when you least expect it..

    Memories play a very confusing role...
    They make you laugh when you remember the time you cried together,
    but make you cry when you remember the time you laughed together...


    Beauty is useless because character is the best...
    what is beauty if the brain is empty...

    In every step of your life forward
    remember to step one backward,
    Because in life you must reflect
    to realize and understand life to success...

    When you love someone show it now,
    because a love lost today is a love forever...

    You might not be important to others
    and often neglected by many...
    But to me...
    You are the most
    Important and most treasured friend
    In my life!

    Because I'm no longer alone,
    Because I have someone whom I love so much,
    Tomorrow when I wake up,
    I will be by your side, protecting you..."
    "I'm so glad that I was born on this earth that connects me to you...

    To Forget you I can't do,
    To forget me it's all up to you

    No matter how hard you try to put her heart back together
    with love, she'll always have scars and a hole in her heart,
    filled with fear and pain...

    Time is something we donít have and canít change,
    So do what u got and want to do and do it with no regrets, Coz in the end we are born just so we can die.

    there's a silver lining behind every cloud
    and a rainbow after every storm

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    good post devil ... ...

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    thanx guys...

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    Your welcome my friend.

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