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Thread: stand up and speak up

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    stand up and speak up

    Courage is the ability to face danger, difficulty, uncertainty or pain
    without being paralyzed by fear.

    If you're experiencing problems
    with getting results in regards to your money, family,
    agreements or questions --- stand up and speak up.

    If you need help --- stand up and speak up.

    If you see injustice or a need --- stand up and speak up.

    If some one is taking your kindness for weakness --- stand up and speak up.

    If you're feeling pressured to do something against your values
    or time constraints --- stand up and speak up.

    If you are not clear and feeling anxious about what others are asking or
    expecting from you --- stand up and speak up.

    If you want to turn your life
    around in a positive direction --- stand up and speak up.


    If someone is taking advantage of your time, money, body, trust, love or
    --- stand up and speak up.

    If there is something in life you want to accomplish --- stand up and speak up.

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    we prob is, no1 listens...
    nice 1 by da way...

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    stand up and speak up

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    Let me stand up and say....nice post leogal!

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    Hehe.....thanks to all who stood up......yeah

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