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Thread: Strawberry Kisses

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    Strawberry Kisses

    In the midst of your kiss my heartbeat quickens,
    Like two petals we've fallen from the same rose,
    The unbelievable thought of your love thickens,
    As your soft, sensual brown hair tickles my nose.


    Like warm chocolate, my heart it melts for you,
    Still the taste of your love is as sweet as ever,
    On the balcony of eternity, the most perfect view,
    We stand together, glancing on the peak of forever.

    My head spins at the collisions of visions of love,
    Incapable to think about anything but your smile,
    With you I'm halfway to heaven, my angel from above,
    A lasting romance so worthwhile, perfect and versatile.

    The depth of our love like an ocean will never be known,
    I'll always savor the strawberry flavor of your immaculate kiss,
    Soaked with your love to the bone, hearts etched in stone,
    Never a moment I'll miss, most search a lifetime for love like this.

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    hmm...shalin........To whom should I give the credits....say..?

    Nice post ok..??

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    Obviously to the author.. coz i m not a good writer ... like sweety , nap and ash...

    they all can write... but me...

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    hmmm...gud 2 c u dis side....lolz
    gud use of words...

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    nice post bro

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    Thanks both of yA

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    wow kool post....loved it

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