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Thread: Broken Dream

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    Broken Dream

    A broken dream, not everything it seems,
    another night sky, as the moon shines bright,
    as I gaze into nothing, I'm feeling more alone,
    the silence is killing me inside,
    pulling me down a deep dark hole,
    with nothing to hold onto no one to call my own,
    regrets of our past make us who we are today,
    so I don't know what to do anymore i have nothing to say,
    I don't want to waste away leading my life to it's end,
    so now I write these words with no what ifs or maybys,
    I'm living in a fallacy, nothing hrere seems real to me,
    strange it is, how things end up, people say that it's meant to be,
    like blank pages in a book, I am useless with out help,
    no story to tell and no onethere to listen,
    I close my eyes and try to wish it back,
    memories are fading and my eyes are getting heavy,
    I try to goto sleep, another broken dream, not everything it seems....


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    good one.. devil....

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    ya..Not a devil one....112911..............! DO post more..

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    thanx shalin...

    thanx hemasnair...

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    your welcome ...

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    feel like saddddddddd

    nice post

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    hmm what to say nice ...gud one....

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