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    Our life begins,
    Without our choice,
    And yet we have so much,
    Our own thoughts and voice.

    Oh how much i think
    To give matter to my voice!
    If it is all predecided
    Do i really have a choice?

    We live our lives,
    Monotonous in tone,
    Unless we question,
    And think on our own.


    I want to add some colors,
    On heart's canvas of grey
    and if you ask about feelings
    I have so many things to say...

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    hmmm...nice nd short...

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    true.... good one

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    Wow..superb post more...have to see those wonderful colours...and want to listen all those tiny feelings that u want to say....

    sweety so nice da..

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    thanks buddies

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    Gd morning sweety dear.....Have nice day da...

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    kool one sweety nice post ...keep it up

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