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Thread: Dead Memories

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    Dead Memories

    Do you remember? The promise we made;
    The day we kissed goodbye.
    We said we'd make a 'death pact'
    To keep us side by side.

    I have waited; now the time is right,
    The moon is in another sky.
    I shall spill my blood; I shall be with you,
    You must be with me, tonight!

    My head it rests upon your tombstone;
    My wrists I've cut so deep.
    My body's trembling; I'm getting colder.
    My love are you here with me?

    I'll lay upon your, bed of stone;
    Now soaked in cherry red.
    Hope our love will, take me home,
    To stay with you among, the dead.

    I pray the dead have memories;
    Of promises left behind.

    It feels like hours; and I'm so lonely.
    But I know I'm gonna die.
    So before I go, give me a little sign;
    Your promise was not a lie.

    I'm sorry if I, seem a bit afraid.
    I don't really want to die!
    And though I love you, more than life,
    It's not an easy thing to die; (I fear to die)


    I pray the dead have memories;
    of promises left behind.

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    too .... good ....

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    thanx yaar...

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    ur welocme

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    Nice post LIVED12911....

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    hey thanx hemasnair...

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    yes it wonderful just to read it good post

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    nice post devil2

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    thanx nap....

    thanx sweety...

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