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    Where do i get my inspiration?
    inspiration to write, to read, to live.
    Living for God is all I need.
    Needs are met with love and conviction.
    Conviction's what inspires me.
    I write with my whole being.
    Being God's child inspires me.
    I write what I know.
    Knowing God intimately inspires me.
    I must admit that I am not perfect.
    Perfection is only found in Christ.
    Christ inspires me.
    I write funny things,
    Things that are interesting,
    Interesting things about War, or murder.
    Murder can inspire me.
    Everything is inspired or allowed by God.
    God inspires me.
    I don't always write about God.
    God, however, is always my inspiration.
    Inspiration no matter who, what, when or where.


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    hmm...i wonder how murder inspires u...lolz
    nice post...

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    Nice one sweety.......makes me inspired too

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