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Thread: When Love really arrives

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    When Love really arrives

    By Norma Guihurt

    When True Love stays aside
    of any human 's life...

    loneliness takes the place
    prolonging nights and days.

    When True Love is not near,
    what song you use to hear?


    what means time and space?
    which are the special days?

    When Love remains so far
    and you resemble tire,

    to whom you will require?
    where will be your desire?

    When True Love is abide
    with whom you can comply?

    Who will respond your call
    and hear you at all?

    When True Love stays inside
    the soul enjoys it's truthfulness

    you hear His voice reply;
    your heart remains rely.

    When True Love overflows
    something makes your face glows;

    Love enjoys your free soul
    looking at the Great Goal.

    When True Love states His kingdom
    you recover the reason;

    you retrieve your lost smile;
    yours becomes a new life.

    When True Love really arrives
    never you will be abide;

    you will live in Victory
    since you are seeing His Glory.

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    hmm...nice poem...

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    Ya.........ash..nice one.................!!!!!

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    love is now again rocking

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