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Thread: Morning Poem

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    Morning Poem

    By Danielle D. Curtis


    Woke early one morning,
    the earth lay cool and still,
    when suddenly a tiny bird,
    perched on my window sill,
    it sang a song so lovely,
    so carefree and so gay,
    that slowly all my troubles,
    began to slip away,
    it sang of far off places,
    of laughter and of fun,
    it seemed his very song,
    brought out the morning sun,
    I pulled back the covers,
    and crept slowly out of bed,
    and gently shut the window,
    and crushed his freaking head,
    I'm not a morning person

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    Lol.....poor bird.......

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    Ash..I wont comment...really hurt me!

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    Quote Originally Posted by hemasnair
    Ash..I wont comment...really hurt me!

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    sorry guys i think today is a day when i m hurting my loved ones

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    its okay...
    cheer up

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