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Thread: today thought poem

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    today thought poem


    A is for angel, which you seem to be
    Sent from Heaven to take care of me.
    B is for best, the best I could wish for
    To love, treasure and adore.
    C is for cheerful and caring as well
    Certainly more special than mere words can tell.
    D is for delightful and dedicated to friends
    Decidedly down to earth, not one to pretend.
    E is for entertaining and ever so much fun
    Much appreciated by everyone.
    F is for friendly to all whom you see
    Being there always to support me.
    G is for gracious and generous to a fault
    Remembering the goodness which you were taught.
    H is for happiness which you seem to exude
    For never have I seen you in a really bad mood.
    I is for insightful and ingenious too
    So many things have I learned from you!
    J is for joyous and jumping for joy
    Because of all the things you enjoy.
    K is for kinetic energy, the energy in motion
    Which helps you function toward objects of your devotion.
    L is of course for loving and loyal too
    Those wonderful qualities that make up you!
    M is for maturity which you’ve had from the start
    You must have been born with a mature loving heart.
    N is for normal and nifty as well
    My affection for you, I hope you can tell!
    O is for Outstanding and original to the max
    Not to embarrass you, but these are the facts!
    P is for prudent, practical and peaceable as well
    If you are sometimes impractical, then I promise not to tell!
    Q is for quick and qualified, but sometimes quirky too
    Fun little traits which I love about you.
    R is for rowdy, rambunctious, and resolute
    Things that your fun personality suit!
    S is for serious when you need to be
    Another thing that makes you so special to me.
    T is for tidy, trustworthy and top of the line
    So wonderfully glad that you are mine!
    U is for understanding, unusual and unique
    You keep me listening to each word you speak.
    W is for wonderful, winsome and winning in your ways
    I could keep singing your praises for days!
    X is for x-tra special, x-actly who I need
    To encourage me and inspire me to succeed.
    Y is for young at heart, yearning to be An inspiration to others like me.
    Z is for that zest for life that you have about you
    Zealously watching over those who love you


    . Put them together from A to Z
    And you will see the person
    Who is so special to me! Thena

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    Nice ... poem ...

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    so nice to see all the alphabets together...really after a long am seeing it in like just kidding nice post ok...?

    Do post more...just waiting to read more.

    Have nice day!

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    nice 1...

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