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Thread: Deleted Folder

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    Deleted Folder

    I have a problem...
    I have deleted a folder from my computer... and it had much important stuff...
    I have also removed it from the Recycle Bin {i.e. I had presses Shift + Delete }


    I tried to restore my computer.. but it didn't work...
    Can anyone tell me some trick... or some software to recover it...
    Thanks in advance ...

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    Recovery of Deleted items

    U can use Pandora Recovery Software for the recovery of fully deleted items.

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    r u sure that i will get it back?

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    i saw the features of Pandora Recovery but in it is written that
    when it is installed than after every folder can be recovered... but i have not installed it and i deleted the folder ..
    plz help guys

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    its very difficult shalin.
    In my experience i have not seen any file(s) recovering completely from any software.

    Anyways I advise you to stop searching on internet and go to market and buy a pirated cd of collection of "DATA RECOVERY SOFTWARE".
    It will give you lots of recovery software in one cd.

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    i'll try

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    try the software "easy recover" and hit the raw data recover option u will get it back...

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    can u plz give me the link... coz when i searched in google there are many named like that... all from different companies...

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