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Thread: To My Good Friends Who Smoke

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    To My Good Friends Who Smoke

    I don't mind if you smoke . It is your right, and I respect it. It is your life , and it is your health that will suffer in the long run, anyway.

    I do understand that you cannot live the day without smoking a stick or two or even a pack of cigarettes, for that matter. It is your money you waste, anyway.

    But I do mind, friends, whenever you smoke around us non-smokers .

    Because I can't understand why you smoke so carelessly around us, like you don't respect our right to breathe clean air.

    I know you like the smell and feel of your smoke, but maybe there are people around you who hate it.


    We would like to respect your right to smoke because you are my friends. But can you also please respect my right too?

    My right to live a long and healthy life, with my loved ones and family.

    Yours truly,

    Your friend who hate smokes

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    good post...

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    true leogal...
    we do have the rights 2 breath fresh air...
    truth is...i really get mad, when sum1 in my extended family smokes...pisses me off...

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    Thanks shalin...

    an yeah.....devil (by the way, what's your name ah ? ) i feel the same allergic to the smell

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