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    This is a real story of a young college girl who passed away last month in
    Chandigarh. Her name was Priya. She was hit by a truck.

    She was working in a call centre. She had a boy friend named Shankar. Both of them were true lovers. They always used to hang together on the phone.
    You could never see her without her handphone. In fact she also changed her

    network from Airtel to Hutch, so both of them could be on the same network,
    and save on the cost.

    She spent half of her day talking to Shankar. Priya's family knew about
    their relationship. Shankar was very close with Priya's family (just
    imagine their love). She always told her friends "If I pass away please bury me
    with my hand set". She also said the same thing to her parents.

    After her death, people could not carry her body - I saw it myself as I was
    there too. A lot of them tried to do so but couldn't, everybody including
    me, tried to carry the body, the result was still the same.

    Eventually, they called a person known to one of their neighbours, who could
    speak with the soul of dead person.

    He took a stick and started speaking to himself slowly. After a few minutes,
    he said "this girl misses something here." Then her friends told that person
    about her intentions to bury her with her phone.

    He then opened the grave box and placed her phone and SIM card inside the
    casket. After that they tried to carry the body, it could be moved and they
    carried it into the van easily. All of us were shocked.

    However, Priya's parents did not inform Shankar that Priya had passed away.

    After 2 weeks Shankar called Priya's mom.....

    Shankar..."Aunty, I'm coming home today. Cook something nice for me. Don't
    tell Priya that I'm coming home today, I wanna surprise her."

    Her mother replied....."You come home first, I wan t to tell you something
    very important."

    After he came, they told him the truth about Priya. Shankar thought that
    they were playing a joke. He was laughing and said "Don't try to fool me -
    tell Priya to come out, I have a gift for her. Please stop this nonsense".

    They had to show him her original death certificate to make him believe.

    Shankar started to sweat. He said... "Its not true. We spoke yesterday. She
    still calls me everyday.

    Shankar was shaking.

    Suddenly, Shankar's phone rang. "See this is from Priya, see this...." he
    showed the phone to priya's family. All of them told him to answer. He
    talked using the speaker phone mode.

    All of them heard their conversation.

    Loud and clear, no cross lines, no humming.

    It was the actual voice of Priya & there was no way others could use her SIM
    card since it was buried with her in her casket.

    They were so shocked and asked for the same person's (who could speak with
    the soul of deal perosns) help again. He brought his master to solve this matter.

    He & his master worked for 5 hours.

    Then they discovered one thing which really shocked them...

    Hutch has the best coverage.

    Where ever you go, their network follows!!!
    Don't shout on me! I am also looking for the person who has sent me this mail!!

    So what you can do? You should also forward this mail to all your near and
    dear ones...and I enjoyed. HAHAHAHAHA


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    Stunning. But its first time Ash that you have posted jokes. Otherwise you post beautiful poems. What happened to you?

    Anyways, nice jokes. All of them.

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    Really interesting ...

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    hmmmmmm amit i thought for a change i do something different

    & thanks guys

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    hi.........comon Ash....done well!

    I was thinking from the first itself..that it might be some advertisment of some tele companies...But the way the story went on kept me so intersting..really so nice one!

    thanks for making us laughing.....though you make us thinking in poems..I liked ur intention to make us laughing too!!!

    So shall we expect more...?

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    Nice post

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