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Thread: But reality is harsh

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    But reality is harsh

    there are days
    things just doesn’t go well
    everything is a jumbled mess
    nothing is turning up right

    these are the days
    i wish to do nothing
    curl up in bed
    just letting it pass by.

    but reality is harsh
    can’t stay in bed
    however much you wish

    all things just coalesce
    trying to suffocate you
    impossible to sort out

    these are times
    i wish to burrow under blanket
    warm in a cocoon
    pretending everthing is fine

    but reality is harsh
    can’t hide in blanket
    however much you wish

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    OOOOOOOOOhhhhhhhhh...........Often I too feel like this yaar.......through this post u brought my feelings too...nice post leogal!

    let the reality be harsh dear...dont worry...Inside the blanket u wont be na....hi..So lend a little time from the reality and go under blanket....In dreams where there is worries..right na..??? try to make ur heart smile however harsh may be the reality...You are the only one who can care make it happy by doing such little eccentric things...Hi........Often I do so....hi!

    I think I wrote a little more..bcoz the subject was like that..right na..?

    leogal...........Ur avataar so nice dear!

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    Make ur weakness become ur strength, then it wont be hard facing the reality....

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    nice poem...

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    Hema : What you said is sooooooo much true, no problem in writing more...its all true and much welcome........and yeah.....after long time manage to get a nice pic for my avatar

    Haily, shalin and devil : thanks yaar......cheers

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