For me you are successful when
your 'wants' are fulfilled. Thus a poor
man can be just as successful in his
own mind as a millionaire as long as he
has all that he wants and is content
with his lot. How many millionaires
are 'content' with their lot, or do
they aspire to always have more?

General ly we guage others success based
on their accumulated wealth and power
but is this realistic and is it
helpful? Which is a better model to
teach our children, to aspire to have
attainable goals and to enjoy them or
to always aspire to higher goals,
reaching ever higher?

Ambit ion is considered a desireable
charac teristic but surely ambition can
only really be desireable if the result
of it is contentment once the aim has
been achieved. If after reaching the
moon, we reach for the stars, are we
always destined for
disappointmen t,struggle and
discontentmen t.

Many people perceived by others as
successful may not be happy and content
themselve s because they still want more
than they have. For them they will not
view themselves successful until they
have what is presently unobtainable.


I read something once about students
who commit suicide and how their high
achiever personality traits never allow
them to enjoy success or feel
successful, as whatever they achieve
for themselves is never enough. No
amount of persuasion by
family/friends /tutors telling them they
are successful helps convince them. In
the end the sense of failure is too
great and they kill themselves.

D oes this mean that success can be both
an objective concept and a subjective
one and both right and wrong at the
same time depending upon who is doing
the perceiving?

I s a happy homeless hobo MORE
successful than a miserable
discont ented millionaire?

Consider this:

The millionaire sleeps on feather
pillows BUT is an insomniac and suffers
the results of that, frustration,
irri tability, poor quality
relations hips, poor health etc.

The hobo sleeps on the dirt but sleep
soundly and reaps the benefits of that.

Who is more successful?

This question is really about what we
deem success and what we value more.

Do you value money more than a good
nights sleep?