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Thread: Smoking may cause psoriasis

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    Smoking may cause psoriasis

    The number of the diseases caused due to smoking has increased. From now onward, the people who want to leave smoking got another valid reason to quit smoking. Yes, I am going to mention the name of one more disease caused due to smoking. It is none other than psoriasis - a disease that affects the skin and joints. It commonly causes red scaly patches to appear on the skin. The risk of psoriasis can be calculated through the smoking exposure received by a person. The study was done by the researcher from the Massachusetts General Hospital, Brigham and Womenís Hospital, the Harvard School of Public Health, all in Boston, USA, and Vancouver General Hospital, Vancouver, BC, Canada reveals that it is 37% higher for the past smoker if you compare it with the women who donít smoke. The chance of becoming the patient of this challenging skin disease is 78% higher among current smokers. Furthermore, for the passive smokers during pregnancy or childhood, the risk of psoriasis becoming the victim of it is there. So, the women who want beautiful glowing skin, will have say goodbye to smoking!

    I think tats a known fact...But keeping on insisting can lead to some use....


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    ....good info..yes.. smoking damages nearly every organ of the human body....

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    yes...darani right somking is bad....but still people do...

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