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Thread: For Knees and Elbows

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    For Knees and Elbows

    For Knees and Elbows [Women]
    Are your dark knees keeping you from wearing a short dress? Afraid to roll up your sleeves at work? Well don't let dark knees and elbows stop you from flaunting your beautiful body.

    Here is what you can do. . .



    A person with dark elbows and knees might seem unhygienic. But it is wrong to think that before considering the real causes.

    According to skin expert Aparna Santhanam from Kaya Skin Clinic, there are more causes to dark elbows and knees than just dry skin.

    "Dry skin is just one of the four causes of dark areas. The problem could also be racial or hereditary. Observe if anyone else from the family also has the same problem. Nutritional deficiency, especially of vitamin A, is also responsible for dark knees and elbows."

    Aparna goes on to add that exposure to the sun can harm skin more than anything else. Since the skin in this area is wrinkled, even though the whole hand is tanned, this area looks darker.

    Fight It!

    Dark areas can be prevented. Here are a few things to add to your daily beauty care list…
    Scrub the darkened area with a body scrub; it makes skin soft and smooth.
    Always use sunscreen. Apply it at least 15 minutes before moving out of your house.
    Use a pigment lightener; this could be your regular fairness cream.
    Eat foods that are high in vitamin A. These include carrots, beetroots, watermelons and pomegranates.
    For dry skin, make sure you moisturise regularly. Use petroleum jelly at night as skin tends to get very dry at night. If the skin is very dark, consult a dermatologist who will prescribe a vitamin A supplement.

    These remedies affect only in the long term and not overnight. If you are looking for some quick fixes, follow these make-up tips…

    Hide It!

    If you have an occasion or party coming soon, make-up is the next best option!

    Before you start, make sure you moisturise the area well. The area on the knee and elbow is wrinkled and does not produce much sebum, leaving the skin dry.

    Always use liquid foundation; it blends in your skin well. Colour of the foundation can be the same or one shade darker than your skin tone but not lighter.

    "The skin from the head to the feet is in several tones so it is best to match the foundation colour to the adjacent arm or thigh. After application the effect is seamless. If the entire leg is much darker than the face then it would look silly to have the knees a different shade. So it is important to match the foundation to the surrounding colour," advises make-up expert Clint Fernandes.

    The procedure is the same as what you do on your face - apply liquid foundation followed by compact. But avoid layers / packs of foundation as it can leave patches whenever you come in contact with any surface.

    Always remember, these little flaws should not make you feel less beautiful. Follow a diet that is rich in vitamins and watch your body glow.

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