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Thread: You Make Heaven Look Like Hell

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    You Make Heaven Look Like Hell

    by Roche

    I lose myself
    in your beautiful eyes.
    I can't pull away
    even if I wanted to try.
    You're perfect
    in every way.
    The thought of you
    makes my day.
    You came to me
    from heaven above.
    You flew in on wings
    my angel of love.
    When nothing seems
    to go quite right.
    and I no longer
    can see the light.
    I look upon
    your angelic face
    and I'm taken away
    to a far better place.
    I cherish
    every word you've said.
    You move me
    like the music I play in my head.
    In this world of false truths
    I know only one thing true.
    I'd give up everything
    just to be with you.

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    Wow..ash....credits goes to the author..! really!

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    so sweet poem

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    hmm lovely words from heart....the touched the person they came across

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    0 that was a really lovely sweet...

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