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Thread: So Far Away, Yet Always Close

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    So Far Away, Yet Always Close

    by Steve Forsythe

    So far away...
    the beaches which you walk.

    Yet so close...
    always in my heart.


    So far away...
    I cannot touch your hand,
    I cannot feel your breath,
    I cannot hold you close.

    Yet so close...
    I can feel you in my heart,
    I can see you in my mind,
    I can hear you in my ears.

    You can go so far away...
    You can travel to the ends of the earth...

    But as long as I have your love...
    As long as I have you...
    You will always be close.

    As sure as the sun rises,
    And the tides will change,
    I will always love you,
    An you will always be close to my heart.

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    love never fades..let it be summer or will last as a spring...!!!! so I will always love you..and you will always close to my heart...

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    Hey Thanks dear u made my day

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    love is permenent depends on how we want to feel it.

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    Nice one it......near or far, where ever you will be there close to your heart

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    wow so nice words...lovely...

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