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Thread: Marriage Views

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    Marriage Views

    First, marriage should be love
    all encompassing, total, and free.
    Love that grows stronger each day
    soft murmurs of Thee, Thee, Thee.

    Second, marriage should be sacrifice
    giving of self, regardless of reward.
    Gift gladly given, with open heart
    shielded from life's harsh sword.

    Third, marriage should be commitment
    utter loyalty, deep to the bone.
    Absolutely, no questions asked
    faithfully promised, never alone.

    Lastly, marriage should be forever
    family bonded, yet all still free.
    Lives joined with love, sacrifice, and commitment
    an eternity promised with -
    Thee, Thee, Thee


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    hmm.........nice post...

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    gud one

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    very nice one but heres my thorn. egos play a big part, economic freedom also plays a bigger part.there are too many individuals playing a role in the play of marriage.

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    hmmmm u r right lalliv but we have to overcome all these.............

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    our whole lifetime nearly goes trying to do it. its alwasy a situation of try try and try and hope you will succeed.

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    Nice one ash......

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    nice one..ash...gud post

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