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Thread: Strangers Become Friends

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    Strangers Become Friends

    We met as strangers
    Parted as friends
    It’s the same old story
    And this should have been its end

    But somehow that’s not so
    We may have parted
    You may have forgotten me
    But I can’t seem to be able to do so

    You still are my first thought every morning
    You are the only one I discuss with my best friend every evening
    You are there in my mind the entire day
    As a thought, as a wish…You just seem to stay

    Though my mind is clear
    That there is nothing left to steer
    But the heart is still unclear
    And is not ready to leave the hope…

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    nice one koool....gud post

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    ishita kumar
    dats cho chweet....

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    yeah nice one it just takes the heart a little longer but soon it becomes a memory

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    Never be ready to leave the also so sweety....let the hope come or not...our duty is to hope....HI!

    My policy...Mad policy...!!!

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