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Thread: When death becomes entertaining!

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    When death becomes entertaining!

    Indonesian mourners wearing black congregate by a lawn-fringed plot on the outskirts of the Indonesian capital as they await the arrival of the body of their relative and friend.

    Once the funeral service is over, they have the choice of taking a dip in the Olympic-size pool nearby, rowing a boat across the lake or, in the not-too-distant future, having lunch at an Italian restaurant. In a city where the dead literally face eviction if their relatives fail to pay regular fees for the upkeep of their final resting place, a new and vast cemetery-cum-entertainment complex aims to fill a niche for the rich.

    Arriving by helicopter to cut hours off a road trip to this sprawling facility 46 kilometres (30 miles) outside traffic-clogged Jakarta - another carrot for potential clients - the ambition of the developers is clear.

    So far, just 25 hectares (62 acres) out of a planned 500 (1,235.5 acres) have been developed at San Diego Hills Memorial Park. Manicured walkways and tree-shaded roads wind through the hilly compound, a world away from public cemeteries in Indonesia which are invariably basic and often unkempt. A cemetery in Indonesia is the first in the world to also offer a full range of entertainment facilities for mourners.

    "We are inspired by the memorial park concept from the United States and Europe, where the beauty of well-maintained and manicured lawns removes the eerie feeling usually found in traditional cemeteries," said Suziany Japardy, an associate director of San Diego Hills.

    While the tranquil cemetery itself is meant to be the key draw, it is just the start, and as far as Japardy is aware, this is the first cemetery in the world to also offer a full range of entertainment facilities for mourners. The idea, she said, is to regularly lure back the relatives of the deceased to visit their grave.

    "After visiting the grave, our clients can enjoy the facilities here with their family, either by having a meal in our restaurant or doing some sports activities," she told AFP. Entertainment draws families back to relatives' graves. Mourners can take a rowboat out on the eight-hectare artificial lake, go for a jog or bicycle ride to enjoy the green, open space so lacking in Jakarta or dine at the 200-seat Italian restaurant which will soon open. Basketball courts and a football pitch are on the drawing board.

    A wedding chapel, used twice since the facility opened in January, is perched on a hill overlooking the lake with splendid views of the waters and the graves.


    A convention hall could be used for meetings, balls or fashion shows, said Japardy. Yuli, the 32-year-old wife of an agricultural businessman, has already bought five plots in the Muslim section, one each for her and her husband, the rest for close relatives.

    Comfort and the maintenance pledge were the main factors swaying her decision, she said. "At first it's weird knowing that a recreational centre is inside the cemetery's complex, but in the end, I think this is good as you can make an excursion while visiting the family's grave," Yuli said.

    "The place is comfortable, especially for a family that brings kids visiting the cemetery." The total cost for Yuli was 80 million rupiah (about 8,000 dollars), which secures the plots indefinitely - a growing concern in mostly-Muslim Indonesia, where land on the densely populated main island of Java is becoming scarce.

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