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Thread: True Friend Of All Of Us........

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    True Friend Of All Of Us........

    A search goes on for a person really sweet & strong ……
    And the search comes to an end when one finds a true friend …
    Life looks dull & gloomy if friends r not there for us to share
    Our views our thoughts and of course to make us laugh
    All the time we spare together whether far or near ……


    I found you my friend that’s the reason for my being happy & strong.
    U deserve the best from everyone and that’s the reason I give u my best,
    You said to write something about you though it was hard I still tried
    To pen down something about you hope you like it as its hard to say
    something for a friend like you words are really few ……

    dedicating this to sunny who complete his sweet journey in nido with his huge posts(10 k)

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    thank u sweety....thanks ...don't have words to say just that u too r a gr8 friend one can ever have

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    Nice one sweety

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    aww nice

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    but where are you sweety............?????? Missing since yesterday..........come out..playing hide and seek....hmm....?

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    thanks guys

    hemas i'm here da.................come on ..........lets play

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    wow so nice thoughts sweety....i m really glad that i met u

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    same here dear

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