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Thread: MY 10,000 POST AND THE FACTS I KNOW....

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    Hmm time runs quickly i have completed this journey...and never came to know about the distance and time i travel along as i had friends like u along my side.......

    this one dedicated to Naveed (admin) coz he is the one who gave this platform to he is creator....just buttering naveed lolz

    few of the beautiful facts of my journey

    first one to reply to my post was samuel.

    first ones to whom i chatted with in chat box were mahima and saksham

    first friend was lina i made

    first fight i had on this site was with levvi

    first debate with knight

    first person pic i saw on this site was darani's

    first person who send me her pic was jasmine

    first post i made was of blacklist software.

    first 150 posts took the maxium time to come

    first line in my sign was "A faithful friend is the medicine of life"

    first game by me was yes or no.

    first time i got addicted to a site name nidos.

    first time i ever wrote poems and posted them in nidos.

    first time some people gave few comments i could never ever imagine in nice sense

    first person i met no one yet.............lolz

    there r many i can't tell as they can only be felt coz some r secrets that must be kept

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    hmm and few other first things even my friends don't i won't post them..... as they r sweet memories i have

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    Congrats for ur 10000 post & ya everyone has some sweet memories realted to this site

    Keep it on..........................

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    Congratulation Napster...Go ahead....definetly Ur place is somwhere so top where we look so proudly....We all are along with you in this journey...keep on posting and make us inspiring...

    Be an ICON of NIDOKIDOS...
    Be the ever shining star.......

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    hey congrats kinda missed you in between but good to see a little of you again. yes it squite a journey and lot so really nice friends. and as you say naveed surely gets the dedication. he and his team have a really nice forum going i guess we are all also included. hehehe.god bless for many more achievemnets

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    hey sunny congrtulations for ur sweet journey.........i hope it will continue in future also.............m happy dat we r frnds, we trust each other, we respect each other,we share many things with each m really thankful to u................cheers & love u.........

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    I appreciate all the things you do, and the way you show you care TO UR BUDDIES

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    thanks thanks a lot my friends

    see all girls have replied....hmmm ...does this means i am a flirt hey boys...come i not ur friend tooooo....buddies wake up

    and thanks to all of u for ur replies....i am gratefull to u all

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