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Thread: Im Sorry

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    Im Sorry

    Im Sorry

    Im Sorry I loved you
    Im Sorry I cared
    Im Sorry Im not perfect for you
    Im Sorry Im not the one you wanted
    Im Sorry that my love wasnt enough
    Im Sorry that you were my everything
    Im Sorry I was your everything
    Im Sorry I tried to spend the rest of my life with you
    Im Sorry I cried
    Im Sorry you held me into the night
    Im Sorry for the fireworks
    Im Sorry for the Summer
    Im Sorry for your lips on mine
    Im Sorry for the gift
    Im Sorry for stayin up all night
    Im Sorry about my dreams of you
    Im Sorry for the love songs
    Im Sorry for the happiness I brang
    Im Sorry for the saddness I had
    Im Sorry for my messages
    Im Sorry for my phone calls
    Im Sorry I wanted to dance with you
    Im Sorry I wanted to walk the beach by your side
    Im Sorry I hated you
    Im Sorry we'll never be the same
    Im Sorry you found a new girl
    Im Sorry she broke your heart


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    What happen How this DAM of SORRY broke today making this much flood of sorry here...?????

    Is there anyone who can repair this leak....????? much sorries..........!!!!

    Nice post shadenight!

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    hmmmm.....something is wrong.....what happened oracle why r u worried so much

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    hmm...all these sorries are kinda heart touching...

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