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Thread: I am Sorry

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    I am Sorry

    I知 sorry of being so emotional
    I知 sorry of being so possessive
    I知 sorry that I cry for you
    I知 sorry because I can稚 live without you

    I知 sorry for the tears you shed
    I知 sorry for the damage I made
    I知 sorry I致e made you sick
    Sorry I hurt you so deep

    I知 sorry for giving you sleepless nights
    I知 sorry for each and every fight
    I知 sorry for your pain & agony
    I知 sorry for the missing harmony

    I知 sorry for my selfish love
    I知 sorry for not caring enough
    I知 sorry for my restlessness
    I知 sorry for the losing grace

    I知 sorry my friend I made you mad
    I知 sorry darling you are so sad
    Sorry for not giving you any happiness
    Sorry because it痴 my disgrace

    I知 sorry for thinking of you so very much
    I知 sorry I always miss your touch
    I知 sorry of being so mad about you
    I知 sorry for my every blue

    I知 sorry of being so immature
    I知 sorry now that can稚 be cured
    I知 sorry of being myself
    I知 sorry that I致e failed

    I知 sorry and sorry again
    I知 sorry of being insane
    But believe me that I love you
    Should I say sorry for that too?

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    No..You need not to say SORRY....and who is here to carry all these sorries..say....????

    Nice post...keep smiling...

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    hmmm hey come one chill up why so many happy

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    ..main kya kahun...hmm so many sorries...

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