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    My friend is praying for you Lord
    He needs you in his heart
    Enter my friends heart now Lord
    Because tomorrow may be too late
    Find your faith in the Lord friend
    Use all the gifts that the Lord has given you
    Be courageous
    And have faith in the Lord friend
    Find your faith in the Lord friend
    Heaven is waiting for you my friend
    Farewell my friend
    Find your faith in the Lord friend
    Be a good servant to the Lord My Friend
    My friend will you praise the Lord today?
    I know friend you are not a men of promise
    You pray for love friend?
    Do you believe in love friend?
    Find your faith in the Lord friend
    My friend will walk with you Lord
    Lord you are my friends voice and arms of love
    Find your faith in the Lord friend
    Friend let your voice rise above the earth
    Shout to the Lord
    So everybody else can hear you
    You are my friend God also
    Friend believe in yourself in what you can do
    Friend trust yourself in what you can achieve
    Friend I know that you believe in the Lord
    You are a Christian just like me
    God is a man of promise
    When he promise something he delivers
    Take my friend as he is Lord
    All my friend can give you right now is his honesty and his sins
    Find your faith in the Lord
    My friend doesn’t need a bed of roses
    My friend shall over come his fears
    Put a little love in my friends life
    Lord you are Lord of wonders
    Lord tells my friend welcome home
    Find your faith in the Lord
    Please ease my friend’s pain
    Fill my friend life with peace
    Give my friend your love
    Guide my friend where he must go


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    Wow.....So nice!

    One who just prays for a friend instead for his own needs...this is really wat we meant by A FRIEND... !

    So nice post shadenights...I forgot ur name- tell me once again....

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    hmmm a right sense this too is a perfect prayer for a friend which can come from the heart of a true friend

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    ..lovely prayer...

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