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Thread: readme.eml virus removal tool

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    readme.eml virus removal tool

    Nimda Removal Tool 2.0.5

    Symantec has provided a fixtool to remove infections of [email protected] , readme.eml

    Its main goal is simply to spread over the Internet and Intranet, infecting as many users as possible and creating so much traffic that networks are virtually unusable.



    Presence of the files C:\ADMIN.DLL, D:\ADMIN.DLL, and E:\ADMIN.DLL
    Presence of many .EML files with the same name (typically README.EML or DESKTOP.EML)
    Surprisingly open network shares

    Features of Symantec Nimda Removal Tool:

    Terminates all processes associated with the virus.
    Terminates Explorer.exe process and relaunches it. The virus injects itself into Explorer.exe which makes this step necessary. Because of this, you may see the desktop flash (this is expected behavior).
    Detects all types of [email protected] infections. Repairs those files that can be repaired. Deletes .eml, .nws, .doc and .txt files that have been detected as infected.

    Very small size 468kb tool

    stanaca dot com/viewtopic dot php?p=296

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    good info

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    realy so nice post...!

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