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Thread: A new song...

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    A new song...

    Do you know how your voice affects me?
    How it starts to resound inside my mind?
    So confusing and calming


    at the same time?
    A sweet sensual vibration

    playing its tune,
    taking me into its rhythm
    And when my body starts to move,
    some where in the middle,
    with my eyes closed,

    in ecstasy,
    the music disc rewinds…

    And I think you know
    how your laugh

    keeps echoing around,
    and follows me for hours…

    It’s like some words I know,
    only the song is new
    and I want to play it over and over again…

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    hmmm......those songs...those whispers...those pranks..those naugtiness...those light moments that made to laugh....all becomes sweet memories as the time rolls and the moment passes...!

    Sometimes they make us So unbearable...and sometimes they make us to lead Life....!!!

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    =) ..nice post...

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    wow ash tu poet bangai yaar keep it up nice post

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    thanks hema & sunshine

    & sunny i can never be a poet so this nice post is creation of someone elses

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