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    There is only one you…Don’t you dare change
    just because you’re out numbered!

    You're melted like ice.
    You're hot like a fire.
    You're firm like a stone.
    You're down to the wire.
    You’re magic and mischief
    and merciless power.
    You’re fast like a clock
    running slow by the hour.


    You’re not who you are.
    You’re more of the same,
    and with or without you,
    there’s no one to blame.
    You’re gold turning out.
    Your tin buckled in.
    You’re insolent varnish.
    You’re the face on my grin.

    You’re dancing like sage.
    You’re wise like a chief.
    You’re opening doors.
    You’re prone to motif.
    You’re chosen and blurry
    and mixed in a phase.
    You’re numbered in part
    like all of our days.

    You’re silent and brash.
    You’re boundless as wind.
    You’re blown like a fury.
    You always descend.
    You’re an angel from heaven.
    You’re vintage like wine.
    You’ve broken the mold.
    You’re never defined.

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    You know why You so hot....bcoz it is in between of Tea..and we...Got it...??????

    then SMILE....Love you Ash..

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    aabe yeh tyo koi super natural hai you u and just u wala

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    ..kool 'n' nice..!

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