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Thread: To the inlaw's house . . .

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    To the inlaw's house . . .

    Slowly I walk home
    To the home lawfully but just to a house
    slowly I enter to the home
    to the home lawfully, but just to a house
    My neck bowed
    My feet detest
    End long tired day
    No welcoming smile
    A deep breathe
    A hard smile
    To the monitoring audience
    Who looks over the fence
    To guarantee a man not around
    I see their stance
    But overlooking
    Then to the room of heaven
    My sweet angel, lass plays around
    At the end I see her smile
    A smile budding from her small, sincere heart
    I pitch away my burdens
    Day's distress
    The aspiration of my living
    Resides in this room
    So I smile back
    Forgetting the desert outer walls,
    Forgiving the degraded hearts outer walls . . .


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