Will they, won't they. Saif Ali Khan and Kareena Kapoor who were expected at the Pataudi Cup in New Delhi this weekend kept everyone guessing.

Earlier, Saif being seen with his former girlfriend Rosa Catalona, was a common sight when their romance was at its peak but now with his new love interest in Kareena, the rumour mills worked over time.

But to people's disappointment Saif and Kareena preferred to stay away from the match and the fans had to make do with papa and mama Pataudi.

Even Karisma Kapoor who does not miss a chance to cheer her polo player husband stayed away from the event. Too early perhaps for a 'family pic'!

Karisma is already a regular in the Delhi party circuit and after shaadi has acquired a penchant for polo. So the million dollar question? will Bebo follow in sister dear's footsteps?