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Thread: What is height...21st Centuary

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    What is height...21st Centuary

    1. What is height of Fashion?
    Ans : Dhoti with a zip .

    2. What is height of Secrecy?
    Ans : Offering blank visiting cards.

    3. What is height of Active laziness?
    Ans : Asking for a lift to house while on a morning walk.

    4. What is height of Craziness?
    Ans : Getting a blank paper Xeroxed.

    5. What is height of Forgetfulness?
    Ans : Seeing the mirror and trying to recollect when you saw him / her last.

    6. What is height of Stupidity?
    Ans : A person looking through a keyhole of a glass door.

    7. What is height of Honesty?
    Ans : A pregnant woman taking one and a half ticket.

    8. What is height of Suicide?
    Ans : A dwarf jumping from the footpath on the road.


    9. What is height of De-hydration?
    Ans : A cow giving milk powder.

    10. What is Height of Kanjoosi ?
    Ans : Banta's house has caught fire and he is giving miss calls to the Fire brigade!!!





    The 21st Century Defined...

    Our communication - Wireless

    Our telephone - Cordless

    Our cooking - Fireless

    Our youth - Jobless

    Our food - Fatless

    Our faith - Godless

    Our labor - Effortless

    Our conduct - Worthless

    Our relation - Loveless

    Our attitude - Careless

    Our feeling - Heartless

    Our politics - Clueless

    Our education - Valueless

    Our follies - Countless

    Our arguments - Baseless

    Our boss - Brainless

    Our dress - Topless

    Our Job - Thankless

    Our Salary - Much less

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