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Thread: Teacher vs Ram

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    Teacher vs Ram

    Teacher : Why have you come late ?

    Ram : Sorry sir ! I was in such a hurry that I forgot to think of a new excuse.

    Teacher : Tell me the truth.

    Ram : Err...I came late becz of the sign

    Teacher : Sign... what sign

    Ram : The sign which said "school ahead go slow "

    ************ *****

    Teacher : Ram.. when all the students are sitting on the floor why are you sitting in the table

    Ram : Sir... that day you adviced us to do multiplication using tables.

    ************ ******

    Teacher : Ram... Tell a sentence using the letter " I "

    Ram : I is.......... .

    Teacher : Only, I am will come , I is will not come

    Ram : Then ok..I am the ninth letter of the alphabets

    ************ *******

    (during maths period)

    Teacher : Ram...If I give you one puppy today and another tommorow then how much would you have

    Ram : Five Sir......... ....Becz I already have three at home

    ************ ********

    Teacher : Ram... How do you spell elephant

    Ram : E-L-E-F-A-N- T

    Teacher : It is wrong

    Ram : But you asked me how I spell it

    ************ ********* *

    Teacher : Ram....Yesterday I asked you to write two essays

    Ram : Here it is sir

    Teacher : One essay has been written neatly while the other has been scribled?

    Ram : That is because my mother's handwriting is than my father's

    ************ ********* *

    Teacher : Ram... why do you always score less marks in history

    Ram : Because they keep on asking things which happened before I was born


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