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Thread: Between The Miles

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    Between The Miles

    Between The Miles
    by Heather Stoop


    Because existence can become severe
    in one day,
    just sense me and I'll be there.
    In the minds eye,
    I'm not so far away.
    If you hold out your hand,
    in the whispers,
    I'll become the zephyr.
    and besiege you.
    If your eye's upon the stars,
    in the crystalline darkness,
    I'll become the moon.
    And the light shall guide you.
    If you rest upon the ground,
    in the warmth,
    I'll become the grass.
    And embrace you.
    If you turn outside,
    in the wetness,
    I'll become the rain.
    An upon your forehead, kiss you.
    If you free the air,
    in the light of day,
    I'll become the sun.
    And smile for you.

    Between the miles-
    if you need me.
    If you need a friend.
    Let me be the friend, I want to be.

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    I cant keep quiet after reading such poems..wat to do....

    Have to appreciate you for posting such a beautiful collection of poems...

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    keep it up...

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    well ashu...kya baat hai....nice...

    Between the miles-
    if you need me.
    If you need a friend.
    Let me be the friend, I want to be.

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