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Thread: So Much To Me

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    So Much To Me

    So Much To Me
    by Jenny


    Another day is passing
    And still there is no word
    On how your life is going
    And who is in your world

    I pray you will consider
    These words I write to you
    I liked you in my life
    Yet maybe now it's through

    I don't want to see
    our relationship come to an end
    And I don't want to find
    our lives standing still

    We are moving towards the end
    And we really ought to wait
    Because God planted something special
    Deep within our hearts

    I know your life is hectic
    You are busy all day through
    My life is busy also
    But I still think of you

    I want to send my love
    And remind you of these things
    Just so you will know
    You mean so much to me

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    Guest words to say Ash- Fine!

    Go ahead....!

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    Guest words to say indeed !!!!!

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    hmm ashu u r rocking....nice one...hmm deep from the heart these words come...

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    You guys So Much to Me

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    ur also so much to me ash
    nice post dear

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