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    by Becky

    Thank you for always being there,
    To listen and understand me.
    I appreciate all you did for me,
    And all you still do.

    Thank you for making me feel whole again,
    For putting my pieces back together.
    I appreciate you putting my life back together,
    You saved my life.

    You may not understand,
    Why I do what I do.
    But you never criticized,
    You just helped my through.


    I knew I could come to you when I was down,
    'cause I knew you'd always be there
    to pick me back up
    and say everything will be ok.

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    hmm......All peoples in this world eagers to hear these words....everything will be alright!

    Nice poem Ash! really..

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    u r rocking..>!!

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    wow...nice poem......not word to describe a person like that

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    hmmm u r right hema & thanks shalin & sunny for ur thoughts

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    well this is a really cute poem i like it!

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