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Thread: Poetry can heal a heart

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    Poetry can heal a heart

    Its amazing how poetry can heal a heart
    How it can even change our whole lives

    take a pen and write a word or even a name
    Those who write are those who live
    They love life or hate it.
    Or sometimes they regret it..


    But many times they wake up at night
    With a smile and a thought for a cute line that rhymes
    Or they stain their paper with bitter tears
    When they have no one to talk to
    They'll uncover their deepest fears,
    They'll tell their biggest hopes and dreams.

    Poetry is a healer that works with the heart
    When words won't simply do.
    When there is no one around
    do u feel the same?

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    hmmm..........I too feel the same....!

    Nice sweety- really this poem said it whole!
    how does a poem generates..
    And the path through which a poet goes while creating it...

    nice one! I liked it...

    Poem may heal you sometimes..
    Poem may sooth you sometimes..
    Poem may expose your emotions..
    Poem may help you to conceal..
    Poem may make you smiling..
    Poem may wipeout your tears..
    A best medicine that ever found...
    trust it without any frustration...!!!

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    tooo good...!!!!!!!>>>

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    Soooooooooo true....totally agree with you........poetry can heal a heart

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    yes i agree coz...

    when u have u deepest wound i acts as a medicine for self healing
    the happiest moment r capture in it without any camera...
    the pain and and unsaid words r wrriten in it for those who can understand
    the feeling r filled in it to strike the heart of the person who reads it....

    and to share ur heart and love with all without letting them know that u have shared....

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