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Thread: An Angel Without Wings

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    An Angel Without Wings

    You must be an angel without wings
    To put up with all of my bothersome things
    My anger, my love, my sometimes weary heart
    What others hated about me you love those parts
    I look at you and see a creation so divine
    To think you have captured this heart of mine
    How could I not love you with all that I am
    You are the steady I need for my trembling hand
    So honest, true and caring you are
    My night in shining armour or my shooting star
    You simply must be an angel without wings!


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    i liked this poem it was real sweet
    beautifully written

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    worth reading!!!!!

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    hmm so nice words...expressing the deep feelings....hmm lucky person

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    RE: An Angel Without Wings....

    I’m not sure who you are but I do know that you are acting as the author of this poem. I know you did not write this poem because I wrote it myself back in 2002. This poem is under copyright and you are breaking the law right now by posting this material as your own. You have 2 options: 1 remove it yourself or 2 I will report you for copyright infringement and they will remove it for you! Option #2 will involve legal action also… Your choice. Thanks and Sincerely, Elizabeth Ann Burkett

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