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Thread: Searching My Dreams

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    Searching My Dreams

    Wandering inside my nightmares
    I see your beautiful face everytime
    This night doesnt seems to end
    Over and over hearing your voice chime

    Searching this Earth dreaming of you
    Never quite being able to reach your side
    Screaming your name, only silence returned
    Scared and lonely since our love died

    So I step to the edge one more time
    Just to look below at whats gone
    Every smile became a memory
    Since you made me feel so alone


    All I see is pain and darkness
    Any happiness is beyond my reach
    My hopes and dreams have crumbled
    For your love my soul I beseech

    Never knew, life was a game
    The harder I learned to play
    Tougher the rules became
    Leaving me like living clay

    How long must I travel alone
    To be once more in your embrace
    Craving the warmth Of your love
    Seeing my forever on your face

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    very nice poem shalin

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    Thanks ash...!>

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    so much detail , and emotion, a wonderful poem, just beautiful, thankyou SHALIN

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    Shalin..u also started rocking in this category yaar.....good well done..keep it up..and expecting more...

    I read all ur posts nice poems...

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    thnx hemas...and sweety...
    and yes
    i was just seeing u all posting in this category..
    so i decided to start posting..!!!>

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    hmm lovely...u expressed what it feel like

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