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Thread: Manicure and Pedicure .........Trends

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    Manicure and Pedicure .........Trends

    Manicure and Pedicure


    There is a certain detail that discloses whether a girl cares about trends, and even if she cares about her hygiene. It's your nails! You can be an orderly person, but if your nails are not tidy, you will not look neat. Furthermore, if your manicure and pedicure don't match your style, it can ruin your image than helping you look stylish. And you can't be a real fashion follower if you don't care about your nails.

    One shouldn't choose their nail shape to adjust fashion trends. The shapes of our fingers (and toes) differ, and the shape should match you, but not the fashion. If you are not sure what kind of shape suits you, don't be shy to ask an advice from a professional.
    Long nails were considered to be very feminine for a couple of seasons, but this tendency is not so popular right now. If you want to be fashionable you'll need to trim your nails to be more subtle. The latest trend is to be classic! Choose brown and red colors to look elegant. Don't be scared of the red color:

    it's not intense this season. The classic red is ok, but it's not for everyone. If it doesn't suit your style, try on every other shade, they are all lovely this season. Let's not forget the brown tones: it doesn't matter if you choose dark chocolate or soft cappuccino - you will be on top.
    Even though the colors are not so vivid this autumn, the nail polish should shine with pearls. Don't even look at dull nail enamel, hunt those with glitter! Even polish dedicated to light French manicure should have a hint of shimmer.

    All celebrities went crazy for black nail polish just a season ago; but black is changed by dark blue this season. If you are into this color, choose it shiny and daring. If navy is not your type, try on other blues: frosty, shiny, pale, but bright. The top colors of the past season were daring purple and claret; they are still in, but you should pick the less vivid tones.

    How to decorate nails on autumn-winter of 2007 and 2008? French manicure is still on, but keep the brightness of colors measured: classic girlie and tidy looking nails are the most fashionable. However, you can still add sparkles for evening manicure and pedicure. Shiny decorations and Swarovski crystals on your nails will make a nice accent. A new tendency was noticed on the runway: a ‘reversed French manicure'. If you are tired of the French manicure/pedicure trend that lingers for so long, dare to change it the other way around! If none of these styles attracts you, then you must be a nail art addict.

    Abstract designs are the most fashionable; however animal skin pictures keep their position as well. Paint your nails with simple lines and curved shapes to march in step with fashion.
    Remember to match your manicure and pedicure with your style, outfit and occasion. Trends may come and go, but tidy nails will always be fashionable.


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    kewl info...

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    read it before tooooooo.......but still good u posted

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