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Thread: Attitude Counts

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    Attitude Counts

    1. Give greater thought to the attitude you do your work with. Do not pick out the fruits from a tree that you have not even planted yet.

    2. Be careful of the frame of mind you conduct yourself with. Be carefree of the effort of what the work entitles and its results.

    3. Yes! We all have to plan. But what? We have to prepare ourselves to be strong during the course of the work. When we make plans to make our work easy we have in its course weakened our minds even before the onset of the work.

    4. We plan not because it makes the work easy. We plan because it makes us less fearful of our own fears that come and go before the work even begins.

    5. We must not worry of what may happen. If that happens we have to think what we must do so that the unnecessary flow of thoughts is uprooted. Think positive at that time. Think that the One that gave you your breath will also provide the best ways for you to survive.


    6. Do not get attached to the one type of work. The course eventually will change. Be prepared to do whatever it takes to keep you calm and peaceful.

    7. The results of work are not in what you gain from it, but what you become during its course. Even if the work has given you plentiful worldly gains but has taken you away from you the ability to be light hearted then that work has no worth.

    8. You feel dejected easily when work takes its own turns. That dejection comes as a result of what you thought that work might be. Wait! Strengthen your self with values. Mould your character with righteousness. Place your fears at the feet of God and carry with you His Grace. Then you will laugh at your own dejection. The dejection was never the fear of work but it was you fearing yourself and taking that fearful self to face work.

    Be happy! Be light hearted! With tension you not only bind yourself but also the attitude with which you can see and handle work.

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    nice post...

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    really a nice post

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    hmm..leogal always posts this kind of posts...something to read seriously. Nice leogal!

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    nice post...

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    Thanks guys.....

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    ya nice post

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    Thanks napster

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    ..nice post...

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    Thank you

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