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Thread: Thinking about you

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    Thinking about you

    Today I did nothing but stare and wonder
    About all my toil and timber

    I thought about what you did to me
    I thought about how it came to be
    I felt so lonely at the time
    I felt like I didn't have a dime

    Now I'm musing what to do
    Knowing I will always think of you


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    Hmm.........a real thought from a real heart!

    This poem might be someother's creation but let me- ur choice is touching deep our heart dear..

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    this poem is so good keep it up plz id like to see more!

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    hmmmm true Hema a real thought from a real heart

    & Sweety thanks yar

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    Nice poem Ash...Real thought it is you say?

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    kool one ash!!!!

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    hmm ashu ....u r rocking...simiply rocking....bata na kaun hai

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