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Thread: The Extra Mile

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    The Extra Mile

    Here I lay thinking of you
    Making my heart beat
    My palms sweat

    You are more than I ever hoped for
    Your voice
    Your humor
    Your sexy body

    The scent of a cherry
    The voice of a goddess
    The mind of a genius
    and skin of a child

    You make me laugh
    You make me smile
    For you
    I will go the extra mile

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    You know Ash..yesterday itself I read all ur post. but was in a confusion wat to write- bcoz all the lines of each poem was trying to express some deep feelings which are rippling in ur mind....

    Emotions are always so dear...when it blooms it gives us abundance of joy..and when the season waves out and the emotions starts fedding..... it leaves us heaps of sorrow to sigh out....!!!! Seasons are may change but will come again

    So Come, let us walk an extra mile...talking, smiling, laughing, mocking,teasing, and making to feel -we are there for each other....!

    Have A Nice Day Cute...!

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    Open your heart, love deeply, love forever, give all of yourself to the one you love, no matter the distance. If you truly love, it will withstand the test of time.
    knowing ur pain ...........hope u get him soon
    best wishes dear

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    Wow so nice thoughts Hema & sweety you know thats why i love you guys

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    nice poem....

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    hmm love is one thing which come from heart u know why...cause it is not doesnot need anything in return...never thinks of pros and corns....these all things mind thinks that is why heart blinks with love....

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