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Thread: cleansing process 4 beautiful glowing skin..

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    cleansing process 4 beautiful glowing skin..

    1st step- wipe face with rose water
    2nd step- grate any one of them like apple, tomato, banana,
    cucumber, grapes , papaya etc.. acc to the suitability
    of the skin for ex. for dry skin cucumber, for oily skin
    banana and for normal skin grapes papaya , any of the above
    Add pinch of salt to it and massage vigrously on the face for.
    3mins. apply liberaly

    3rd step - mix 1 tsp of besan with 1 tsp of semolina( suji)
    or grinded masoor ki dal mixed with milk or water.
    scrub this mixture all over face for 3 mins. dont b harsh.
    rub politely and concentrate more on nose and chin area.


    4th step- take ample of cold cream in hands ( charmis) and massage
    on the face for 3 mins. use cold water in between for making the
    cream smooth and further making d skin glow.

    5th step - apply any pack wich suits u.

    This cleansing can be daily but with one min process. that will also give u miraculous
    effects and dat too in first application

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    Nice Info.....Thanks Chugh...!!!

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    u have posted this topic again...this same info with the same topic name...ask a moderator to delete it...

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    hello chug where r u friend...well nice and gud info man

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