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Thread: The day I will stop loving you

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    The day I will stop loving you

    I'll stop loving you when
    Diamonds never sparkle
    And flowers cease to grow
    When thunder doesn't echo
    And rivers do not flow
    When hearts no longer wonder
    And hands are never held
    When smiles are only memories
    And hope is never felt
    When trees no long blossom
    And the stars refuse to shine
    When autumn has no falling leaves
    And winter no longer dies
    When time has no more tomorrows
    And rainbows have no hue
    When God alone commands me
    Then I'll stop loving you


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    So nice poem...really....shall I appreciate you..or the poet....????hi..... nice swety.

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    nice one..sweety...

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    hmm sweety...nice words u used...

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