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Thread: If you were...$$$ than wat wuld u do for the above person...

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    If you were...$$$ than wat wuld u do for the above person...

    Shalin back...
    This is a simple game as all others are...

    The name of the game itself tells all things

    In each post you have to write "If I were millionarie than I would ..."
    If I were $$$ than I would buy a bike for you...
    If I were $$$ than I would build a house for you near my house...


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    cool game

    If I were $$$ than I will do anything as u like

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    I will purchase a loudspeaker and will sing a cute song just for you....would it reach there...or could u hear it..? ha.....

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    If I were $$$ than I will buy a helicopter and come to u hemas .......get ready

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    If I were $$$ then i will buy an beautiful island & stay there with all my dear friends away from this cruel world

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    I will make a helipad for you to land in my courtyard dear sweety....

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    If i were $$$ than i woud do anything u wanted but some money with me.......

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    I would gift you more computers just to play Shalin....HI!

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    If I were a $$$ than I would buy books of poems for you

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    If I were..............I would just go and buy a binocular...that I could see moon and those stars which are just twikling from so far...hi!

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