Setup Your Own Web Sever on Windows Xp
A simple guide to turn your xp box to a web server

Now days everybody wants have there own we server. Then the important question. What would be the cheapest way to do it? If you are on a broadband connection (cable/dsl), Windows XP Professional IIS (Internet Information Server) is the cheapest answer.

Step 1 ) Accessing the Win Xp IIS Interface

First you have to check whether IIS is already turned on.

Check to see whether [Internet Information Services] shortcut is already there. If it is skip step 2.

Step 2 ) Installing Win Xp IIS

Click on [Add/Remove Windows Components] Tab
Scroll down to Internet Information Services (IIS)
Check the box on the left and click apply.

Step 3 ) Starting IIS

Click on [Internet Information Services]
Now you will see the IIS user interface
Expand the left tree under (your computer name)(local computer)
You will see Web Sites ? FTP Sites ? Default SMTP Virtual Server
Expand [Web Sites]
You will see [Default Web Site Started or Stopped]
If it is stopped, [RIGHT CLICK] on [DEFAULT WEB SITE] and click start.


Step 4 ) Checking to see whether IIS is actually working

Open your web browser
On the address bar type http://localhost
You will see the default IIS welcome screen
If you see the welcome screen your web server is up and running.

Step 5 ) Pinching a small hold in your firewall

If you have ICF (Internet Connection Firewall) Enabled you will have to open up port 80 to let the world access your web server
[RIGHT CLICK] on your Lan or High Speed Internet Connection
[CLICK] on the Advanced Tab
[CLICK] [SETTINGS] at the bottom of the dialog box
Under the [SERVICES] tab check the [WEB SERVER]
If you have a router/firewall you will have to enable [PORT FORWADING] to enable access to your web server from the outside world. Make sure [PORT 80] is forwarded to the PC(IP) your running the web server.

Step 6 ) Placing the files

By default your web server directory will be located at C:\Inetpub\wwwroot
Now you can place you *.html, *.htm and *.asp files there

Getting a dynamic DNS for your personal web Server

Now that you have your Web Server running, let?s get a unique name for it. There are few Dynamic DNS providers out there, but my favorite is SITELUTIONS.COM

But if you don?t have your own domain name and wish to use a free service, I recommend Visit their web site and register for the free NO-IP service and download the DUC Client for windows. Now every time your IP changes the DUC client will update the new IP at NO-IP DNS servers. So you will always be able to access your web server using

If you plan to use your own domain name go to They provide the best service that you can find for free. If you?re looking for a reliable Domain Name Registrar check out

Once you get your own domain name, go to your domain control panel and update your DNS servers to the ones that the Dynamic DNS Provider gives you.