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Thread: Log On As System Administrator Without Booting Into Safe

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    Log On As System Administrator Without Booting Into Safe

    Ok, First let me explain the “System” Administrator, as this is a common mistake people make. The System Administrator is separate from any Administrators you have set up. So if you are the only user on the computer, you are just an Administrator, not a “System” Administrator.

    The System Administrator, is installed when you install windows, and it installs as a hidden user. It allows your system full range access as far as privledges are concerned. Also, the name of the System Administrator, is just Administrator and you won’t be able to see it as an option on your welcome screen, unless you boot into safe mode.

    Logging on as System Administrator (the main Administrator) is done by Booting your computer in Safe Mode (F8 While booting). There is an easier way.

    While on your Welcome Screen Hit CONTROL + ALT + DELETE Twice

    {an added note to clarify…..On the Welcome Screen, you would press all 3 buttons: Control + Alt + Delete , at the same time, then release all 3 buttons, then press all three buttons again, then release}


    This will bring up a normal login window. Change the username to the name Administrator. Then enter the password. If you don’t know the password or aren’t sure, keep it blank and click OK

    [The Default Setting in XP is to have the Administrator password blank, however Service Pack 2, now adds a question during a new installation asking if you want to set your Administrator password, so depending on whether or not you entered a password during the install will determine whether you have one now].

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    cool info man...
    nice one..! =)

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    thnx frnd...

    have a gr8 day
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