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Thread: Every Beat Of My Heart

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    Every Beat Of My Heart

    With every beat of my heart
    I feel yours inside of mine,
    Together they beat as one
    Keeping perfect time.


    With every beat of my heart
    I hear yours inside of mine,
    Our chance to be together
    The beat says it's nearly time.

    With every beat of my heart
    I know that yours does to,
    And every time it pumps
    I know I'm feeling you.

    With every beat of my heart
    I listen close to what it says,
    I hear yours calling mine
    And it knows it must obey.

    With every beat of my heart
    I feel mine loving you,
    And with every beat of yours
    I know you love me too.

    With every beat of my heart
    It hurts when you say good bye,
    And with every beat of my heart
    Drops another tear I cry.

    With every beat of my heart
    I miss you all the more,
    The beat grows ever louder
    Until it's like a thunderous roar.

    For with every beat of my heart
    Inside I feel the pain,
    Right now mine beats alone
    And I'm missing you again.

    With every beat of my heart
    I need yours here to stay,
    For I miss you all the more
    Everytime you go away.

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    hmmm....too good...

    If you are really facing this problem...consult any Cardiac....

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    sure i will consult............
    ha ha ha ha

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    thnx for taking my advice....hahahahha

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    Wow..shalin...Wat a good advice u gave to ur sis...wonderful....Haha......!!~!!!!

    Sweety..........poem so wonderful...hav to appreciate the poet....Well done!

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    by the way who is the poet

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    well nice ...and i think u sould consult a friend or the person u mentioned above...lolz

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